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Coffee & Unicorns

I headed home from Knoxville for the weekend to celebrate my sweet Daddy's big 5-0! With that being said, it was only right to head downtown to celebrate. We enjoyed the beautiful Saturday shopping around in the Gulch and ended the afternoon at this trendy little coffee parlor, Barista Parlor, in Germantown.

As I was in line to get my coffee, I started chatting with a sweet girl who asked where I was from. I told her I was born and raised here in Nashville. She said, "Oh! So you're a unicorn!" Confused, I replied, "Why is that?" She told me, "Most people that live here now weren't really born here, so we refer to native Nashvillians as unicorns because they are like a mythical figures these days." I had to laugh. It's too funny how my hometown has grown over the years. I love seeing my city grow and I guess you could say I'm proud to be a unicorn ;) (insert unicorn emoji here.)

We all know this Tennessee weather can be a little tricky, so I decided to throw on this cozy cold shoulder sweater from Reddress Boutique. Nice and comfortable and I will always be a sucker for anything blush.

I paired my sweater with these adorable taupe peep toe shooties! Believe it or not, these heels are SO comfortable and I pair them with everything! I wore them throughout the day and even to dinner that night downtown and never whined once:D (patting myself on the back for that one.)

And this BAG.. ugh this bag. My aunt used to own a 3 story antique shop and she gave me this purse a few years ago. There's something about a vintage piece that will just make your outfit.

I had such a great weekend in my precious hometown with my even more precious family. And I must say.. sometimes you just have to go home. There's nothing better than sleeping in and waking up to the smell of biscuits and bacon. Thank goodness I'm only 2 and a half hours away..

Now.. ITS SUPER BOWL TIME. Who are you pulling for? ;)

Toodles my unicorns,