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YAY! Finally.. For years I've wanted to create my own blog and have my own little corner on the web to feature my latest favs in fashion, beauty, and just to have a little cyber diary to share the many blessings that are being placed in my life each and every day! As a full time Journalism student at the University of Tennessee, I am finishing up my Junior year of college and have finally decided to leap into the breach and launch my own blog. For the past 3 years, for whatever reason, I was just flat out nervous about leaping into blogging! I've spent years envisioning in my mind what I wanted my blog to be, researching, following other bloggers, and I was totally enamored with the thought of having my own. After many prayers and 2017 magically casting upon me, I realized I shall waste no more time! I'm going all in baby! And here I am :) Embracing grace and sharing stories.

Everyone's idea of success is different. My idea of success for is to showcase my authentic self and hopefully make an inspirational impact on the young women reading my blog, whether that's with an outfit, a beauty tip, or even a post about an experience I have had in this crazy thing called life. I want to provide young women in need of encouragement a few minutes to realize that they are not alone. Potentially, I want to build relationships with my readers and other bloggers out there and hopefully create smiles.. that is my idea of success for my blog.

Here at you will come to find that I'm a lil' city mixed with a lil' country! Hey.. You can take the girl out of the south, but you can't take the southern out of the girl! You could find me in some ripped skinnies, a band tee, and a beanie one day and an LBD with some pumps the next. Whether you are looking for some boho, preppy, feminine, sporty, or chic inspo.. this is your place!

I sure hope y'all ride along this journey with me and enjoy reading my blog! I love love love meeting new people and talking about fashion, beauty, or just life! If you would like to chat or have any suggestions of what you would like to see on my blog, click here! I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned,