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Say Cheese!

Happy Monday y'all! This gorgeous weather is getting me excited and ready for a productive week this week! I took the weekend to get my spring cleaning and organizing done and I feel like a new woman! I feel much more eager to tackle the week when I am organized and have that peace of mind, is that just me?!

Last weekend I took a much needed trip home to Nashville to see the family and we headed downtown for a fun Saturday! I decided to throw on this cute, casual, and comfy off the shoulder dress. It is so light and flowy and kept me cool on such a hot day downtown! I honestly wasn't planning on taking any pics for the blog on Saturday, but it was just too pretty not to so we snapped some iPhone pics, lol! I paired my sundress with my favorite wedges as usual. Earrings are my new favorite chandeliers! I've been wearing the heck out of these cuties. AND they're on ~sale~!!

We started off in the Gulch for a trip to Blush, one of my favorite boutiques. I had to return and exchange a few things and found the cutest top I will be Instagramming sooooon! Afterwards we decided to go for lunch. I have been wanting to try The Grilled Cheeserie since the grand opening so we headed down to Belcourt Ave to get us some cheesy goodness! If you know me you know my favorite thing in the world is grilled cheese and tomato soup so I was in HEAVEN! This place is seriously the bomb y'all! They have this mouth watering grilled cheese called the Pimento Mac & Chee that has pimento cheese, cheddar, Mac n cheese, tomato, and bacon in it! AHHH! My dad got this one and I had to take a bite! I decided to make my own with the classic American and Cheddar cheese and bacon and it was delicioso! Also, their fresh squeezed mint lemonade is to die for & they have a MILKSHAKE BAR! Y'all have to go check it out!

After that we headed down to Hillsboro village to end the day and shopped around a little and I came across the cutest boutique, Tennessee Chic. I picked myself out a few things, but I came across the Strings for Hope Bracelets I had been hearing about. I had heard about this cute little nonprofit on the news the night before and I just had to get one. Strings for Hope is a local Nashville organization providing for women that have been incarcerated and are trying to get back on their feet. These women in need make these beautiful repurposed guitar strings into jewelry! It is also said that some of the guitar strings are donated by several country music artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw, and a few others...too cool!

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Hope you guys have an awesome week this week and an even better Easter Sunday! I personally love Easter because it is the perfect time to rejoice and be extra thankful for the gift of life and the spirit of our God who raised Jesus from the dead! Remember, the only one that can truly give your heart deep inner peace and satisfaction in is the One that made it! He lives in you and He loves you!

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