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Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

I really wanted to gift my bridesmaids with something customized and special so I decided to get these gorgeous hand drawn illustrations done by Kara Ashley Design! I found Kara on Instagram and immediately knew that this was the perfect gift for my bridesmaids! Kara did such a perfect job illustrating each bridesmaid to fit their personal style and it was exactly what I wanted and more..

I sent Kara pictures of each of my bridesmaids and told her what I wanted their outfits to look like! She did such a beautiful job incorporating each bridesmaid's specific style into the illustration. Katie loves to wear high low rompers so I definitely wanted to incorporate that look to perfectly match her style. Then, Reilly has more of a sassy, edgy style so I really wanted to throw a fluffy fur jacket and mini skirt on her and add a Gucci belt. Then, Erin has more of a simple and sophisticated style, so I really wanted her in a classic and sexy LBD! And so on.. I really enjoyed thinking about each bridesmaid and creating the perfect outfit for them while taking into consideration their own personal style. I also had to add the little details such as the pink pumps with the bows and the Chanel clutches to add a little flare! ;)

The colors in my wedding are going to be whites and ivory's with just hints of blush, so I wanted to continue that theme for my bridesmaids gifts. I got 7 smaller cards that I included with my gift to my bridesmaids that include an illustration of me and that bridesmaid and it says, "(Name of bridesmaid), will you be my bridesmaid?" underneath! I also got seven 8x10 prints that I am going to frame and give to my girls as a thank you gift either before or after my wedding! Kara was also so sweet and included an 8x10 print of me and all of my bridesmaids for me to have and frame.. This is so special to me and something I will cherish forever!

Along with the illustration cards, I decided to keep my gift super small and simple and got my girls a beautiful mug, a mini box of tea bags, and a hair tie! If you're local, I picked up the mug and hair tie at Castleton Events here in Knoxville! They have the CUTEST bridesmaids gifts from jewelry, candles, all the way to wedding day getting ready rompers and totes! They even have groomsman gifts like cosmetic bags, whisky gummy bears, and bow ties! Then, I just picked up the tea bags from my local Home Goods!

I am so happy my bridesmaids loved my gift and I am so happy it will be something they can cherish and keep forever! I am so blessed to have these special girls stand next to me on my big day and couldn't ask for a better group of friends to share this important day with.. June 16 can't come soon enough!

If you all have any more questions regarding bridesmaid gifts or just any other wedding preparation questions in general, comment on my last Instagram post! I would love to do some more blog posts on my experience in planning my wedding and I love hearing your suggestions! :)

x Bre