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Registering with Zola

Been getting tons of questions from all of you bride-to-be's regarding our wedding registry and where to start so I wanted to go over that a little bit y’all and hopefully I can ease any of you who have a little bit of anxiety when it comes to registering for your wedding! Josh and I had so much fun picking and choosing everything for our new home.. & Zola has made is so easy and fun for us to put together a registry.

Zola has been wonderful because of their modern tools and technology along with their phenomenal customer service if we ever have any questions involving putting together our wishlist! Zola allows couples to register over 50,000 gifts, experiences (like dinner for two or even a newlywed spa date) and cash funds (like honeymoon and new home fund) from over 500 brands!! Here are a few things I absolutely love about Zola and why they have made our registry experience so easy and FUN:

1) FREE SHIPPING.. that's right! Any time one of our sweet friends/family decides to buy a gift they don't have to worry about the cost for shipping.. always a plus.

2) They even price match.. If there is something on our registry that may be on sale somewhere else, Zola matches that price, no questions asked. How awesome?!

3) Group Gifting.. Say there may be something we really really want on our registry, but it may be a little pricey, our friends & family can go in together with the quick and easy tools on Zola's website.

4) FREE tips and tools.. Zola offers so many benefits such as wedding planning tools, free wedding website, checklists.. If you are a visual person like me and have to see everything written down and as a checklist.. Zola really helps you get and stay organized involving the hectic details of planning your wedding... They do anything you can imagine to help make your preparation process that much easier! Check out this video for a closer look at what other specific tips and benefits they offer!

5) Zola helps you decide how all these items will fit in your home. If you are anything like me, registries can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to think about! Cookware, wall art, furniture, gadgets that make your life a little easier like a STEP STOOL.. ahh! (almost forgot that one) They have wonderful suggestions on experiences and gifts to make your process of choosing gifts so simple and easy..

If you are a bride and are currently trying to decide where and how to register, definitely check Zola out and let me know how your planning process is going. If I could describe my experience with Zola in a few words it would definitely be SIMPLE and STRESS FREE. Also, if you ever have any questions regarding making your registry, items I think are important to add, or just any wedding preparation questions in general, give me a holler ;) I love talking to y'all! You can also check out our Zola registry here if you'd like some ideas and for you BRIDE-TO-BE’s.. click here to sign up and create your registry, and you will get $50 credit towards your registry.. how great is that?! Happy planning!

x Bre