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5 Things To Do On a Cozy Night In

I must say.. I am a sucker for a good night in! I love my nights out on the town, but sometimes the best memories are made right under your own roof with your favorite person(s) :) Who's with me?! So, if you are at home on this cold night like me.. here's some fun ideas to do with your roomies, besties, or significant other ;)

1. Bake.

One fun thing to do with your roommates or significant other would be to bake some Christmas cookies! Run to the store and get sugar cookie mix, icing, and cookie cutters and spend the night decorating some Christmas cookies! Or even a gingerbread house! You might not have the most artistic baking abilities (like me) but it's still fun to do with your friends or hubby! :)

2. Cook.

If baking isn't your thing, then cook something good for dinner! Turn the jams on, get in the kitchen with your favorite person/people and find something you've never cooked before and try it! Josh and I love cooking together and I recently found this Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup and it's Josh's new fav! I make it with some Buttermilk biscuits... mmm comfort food. Perfect for a winter night in!

3. Hot Cocoa & Board Games.

Believe it or not Josh and I LOVE Uno lol. We seriously can play for hours.. Cozy up with your friends or man in your PJ's, turn the phone on Do Not Disturb and play some board games and drink some hot cocoa! The App Store on your iPhone has some great recommendations for fun games with friends. I also love the Head's Up game!

4. Order In.

Scroll through one of the food delivery apps and order some pizza, sushi, or Chinese food! Can't go wrong with some takeout and starting a good Netflix series you haven't seen yet!

5. Christmas Movie Marathon.

Pop the popcorn (extra butter please!), grab the wine or hot chocolate, jump in your PJ's, and layer your living room with blankets for a fun Christmas Movie marathon night. Hubs and I did this the other night and watched all the Home Alone movies! Our favorite!

Let's be home bodies TOGETHER;) Hope you all have a cozy Friday night with your favorites! And if you ARE going out.. have fun! I'll be right riiiight here with my pups and hubs watching some Netflix with some takeout food. Hehe.

x Bre