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How To Shop When Spring Is Near

I don't know about y'all, but the end of January is the most awkward time to shop. Yes, I know it's still winter here in the South and we are still wearing our heavier sweaters, but Spring is peeping right around the corner and I am steering away from buying the bulky fabrics. After all, the weather in the South is as indecisive as Kanye's relationship with Twitter and once Christmas and New Years are over I am fully ready for pastels, light sweaters, and dresses! Let's talk about how to shop when Spring is right around the corner..

Before we get started though, if you are looking for a good coat, jacket, or any kind of winter apparel at a reduced price - the end of January/early February is the time to grab it. What is left of the winter apparel at most retailers will be discounted at a major discounted rate during that time. The demand for winter apparel is low and retailers will be making room for the warmer temperature pieces. Everything will most likely be picked over, but if you aren't super picky.. run don't walk!

How To Shop When Spring Is Near:

1. Lighter Fabric.

Try and stay away from merino, wool blends, heavy knit, chenille, fleece, etc. When shopping for sweaters/tops - try looking for more cotton blends or denim. These are great transitional fabrics that you can layer throughout winter, but wear by themselves into the spring. Also, don't throw all of your sweaters in the winter pile too soon..It's also great to mix lighter fabrics with heavier fabrics, i.e., a cashmere sweater with a chiffon/denim skirt.

When looking for pieces online or out shopping, try and find options that you can easily layer and throw a denim or leather jacket over on the cooler days or wear buy itself with open-toed booties on the warmer days. Make sense?! I love long sleeve dresses!

2. Mind Your Colors.

Try staying away from the darker tones and leaning more into the brighter colors. For instance, instead of buying the sweater in a burgundy or burnt orange, buy the lighter blue or the pink. If you feel the fabric is "too springy" add a jacket or scarf on top that you already have. This will allow you to enjoy it now during the winter, but also be able to rock it in the warmer months as well.

3. Transitional Jackets.

I am obsessed with blazers right now. Not only do they add a classic sophistication to any look, but they can be worn year round! Pair it with jeans and a light sweater on cooler days or some boyfriend jeans and a tank on the cooler days!

Trench coats are also the perfect key to spicing up your closet during those awkward months! For instance, look for a lighter pink trench coat to throw over an ivory sweater with jeans, or a beige trench to throw over a flirty dress!

Moto jackets are also perfect to look for right now. You can wear them now with dark denim or into the spring and summer with white skinnies or shorts!

4. Short Ankle Booties or a good Block Heel Mule.

I absolutely love my ankle booties. I can wear them in the spring and summer with some cut off shorts or with some jeans in the winter. They are the perfect year round shoe.

I also love the mule trend right now. Find a cute open-toed leather mule you can wear now and bring into the spring with you!

Hope this helps you when you are shopping! If you would like some examples of items I am looking for/have bought during this awkward time of shopping you can follow me on my to shop all of the items there! :) Dress is from Vici Collection! I am wearing a size small.

x Bre