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Latest Handbag Obsession x Teddy Blake

Bella Palmelatto 12" - Teddy Blake Handbag

I have always had a handbag obsession and have loved collecting different styles and brands over the years. One that I have been grabbing every day and loving lately - this gorgeous Teddy Blake Bella Palmelatto leather bag!

I love the quality leather design and the color of this bag, but most of all I love the versatility. Teddy Blake's collection offers gorgeous genuine leather bags that hold the perfect amount and go with every outfit!

I was really looking for a taupe colored bag that I could throw everything into. My laptop, my planner, my beauty bag, etc. for when I am shooting or out and about on the town.. This Bella Palmelatto bag is absolutely PERFECT and so unique. It is the perfect mix of classic and modern and I love the structured shape, but it's also not too stiff which was exactly what I was looking for.

Made in Italy from grained calf leather, this bag is the perfect go-to bag to take from work into the evening for a dinner date!

Another feature I love about this bag is the compartments. All compartments have a beautiful suede interior and I love how big the central compartment is! The Bella also has two zipper side pockets to throw my beauty bag, pens, and extra things I want to keep secure in. The sides can also be unbuttoned for extra space. I am loving my Teddy Blake bag and the Bella will always be one of my go-to classics!

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