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5 Reasons to Cruise With Princess Cruises

Hey guys! Back in April, I had the amazing opportunity to partner with Princess Cruises to experience their new MedallionClass technology on a breathtaking Caribbean Cruise. Y'all got to follow along with me as I cruised my first cruise experience with Princess Cruises and if you didn't already know by now - they have completely up'd the cruise GAME! I have been on many cruises with other cruise lines in the past, and I can truly say the MedallionClass technology has created an entirely new way to personalize your cruise and make your experience much more convenient! Whether it is your FIRST cruise ever or if you are a true cruise-pro, the MedallionClass technology will not disappoint! But what is the MedallionClass technology? How does it make cruising that much better/easier? I am going to break it all down for you!

What is the MedallionClass technology?

When you book a cruise with Princess Cruises on one of their Three MedallionClass Ships, (Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, and Royal Princess) you are given a complimentary Ocean Medallion prior to setting sail! This Ocean Medallion is a quarter sized accessory that can be worn on your wrist, around your neck, or in a clip! Once receiving your Ocean Medallion in the mail, you will download the OceanReady app where you will input your family's passport information in so that the embarkation process is quick and easy! Once you arrive to the ship, the OceanMedallion will serve as your identification, your credit card, ways of connecting with friends and family on the ship, and the crew! There are also 8 more ships coming soon to Princess Cruises that will be MedallionClass equipped in the next year, you can find more details on those here!

1. The Embarkation process is a breeze!

If you have ever been on a cruise before, you know how long the embarkation process can be. But with the Ocean Medallion, it only took MINUTES! I was truly shocked at how quick and easy getting on the ship was. This really stuck out to me. Like mentioned earlier, once I received my OceanMedallion in the mail, I quickly downloaded the OceanReady app. There, I inputted all of my passport information prior to the cruise. This will then sync to my OceanMedallion, so all I had to do when I got to the port was scan my Medallion and BOOM! Ready to board the ship! There was a special line specifically for MedallionClass cruisers, so there was no line and no digging through your bags for your identification. It was right there around my neck! We even had a group with us and we were on the boat within minutes.

2. You won't get lost!

One thing that was really frustrating on previous cruises was trying to learn your way around the ship and where everything was. Sometimes it takes you half your trip to remember what deck the pool or spa is! I was so excited to see when I boarded the ship that Princess MedallionClass ships are equipped with touch screens everywhere throughout the ship showing you where you are located and conveniently tells you how to get where you need to go. You can also download the OceanCompass App on your smartphone to have the same map at the touch of your fingertips!

3. Stay connected with the BEST Wifi at sea!

I wanted to make sure the wifi was exceptional so that I was able to share all the fun experiences from our Princess Cruise - and the MedallionNet did not disappoint! All Princess MedallionClass ships are equipped with the best wifi at sea for an affordable price so that you are able to stay connected. I was able to FaceTime with Josh throughout the trip and link outfits for you guys on my laptop without any trouble! Also, we were able to watch new movies and TV in our stateroom while in the middle of the ocean! I didn't miss out on any March Madness while out at sea ;) My mom and I also got to watch a new movie every night before bed thanks to MedallionNet! You can read more details on MedallionNet here!

4. Food and drink service delivered to YOU!

This definitely was my favorite part. Instead of laying out in the sun on the top deck and having to walk down 2 flights of stairs to get some french fries, we downloaded the OceanNow app that allowed us to order any food or drink we wanted and a crew member delivered it right to us in minutes!

5. Stay in touch with your Shipmates!

There is nothing worse than being on a cruise ship and losing one of your family members or friends! Having to walk around the ship for an hour in hopes you will run into them is no longer a problem with Princess' OceanCompass app. At the beginning of our trip, we added all of our members to our app as our "shipmates" so whenever we needed to find out where they were we just opened the app and saw where they were located. The touchscreens around the ship also allow you to log in, type in a shipmate name, and locate that person anywhere on the ship. AND you are able to chat with your shipmates on the chat feature without having to worry about texting on your smartphone. So convenient!

My experience cruising with Princess Cruises was an absolute BREEZE. Thanks to the OceanMedallion, everything was so convenient, easy, and stress free. I definitely look forward to cruising Princess again in the future. If you are a first time cruiser or even a veteran cruiser, you will not be disappointed! Stay tuned for a look at where we went on our cruise and what excursions we chose!

x Bre