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Excursions I Did On My Princess Cruise

Now that I've gotten to go into detail about the Princess Cruise line and how much I enjoyed cruising with them, I want to share what we did and where we went with you guys! It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we had so much fun! Our trip was a 7 day cruise and we got to visit 4 different islands: Grand Cayman Islands, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel!

Our first day was a day at sea and we got to explore the ship all day and enjoy all the pools, bars, and amenities! You can check out this blog post here about some of my favorite parts of the ship!

Grand Cayman

Second day we arrived in Grand Cayman! We chose to do a helicopter tour over the island to start off our visit. It was absolutely BREATHTAKING to get a birds eye view of the island and the ship from above! This was definitely our favorite excursion and something we will remember forever!

After our helicopter ride, we really wanted to spend the rest of the day by a beach and pool and just relax and drink some good drinks and have some good food. We asked the locals what the perfect spot would be and they took us to Royal Palms Beach Club. If you are looking for something that is a little boujee and want to feel spoiled like the Kardashians, the Royal Palms Beach Club is perfect.. It was a fun upscale bar right on the beach, but you could also lounge by the pool in a cabana for no charge! Their grilled chicken sandwich was also AMAZING! Highly recommend this place!

Roatan, Hondoras

Our next stop was Roatan! We had heard so many great things about Big French Key so we wanted to try it out. We took a boat ride over to the key and spent the whole day lounging by the beach and exploring the little island. Lunch was included and one free drink! I must say, the food was amazing! Our guide picked us up at the end of the day and took us straight back to the port to aboard the ship!


Next stop, Belize! One of my favorite spots of the trip. We decided to be dare devils and chose the excursion to swim the with sharks and sting rays! We took a 45 minute boat ride out to the location where the coral reef was. They said it was the 2nd largest coral reef in the WORLD! We were a little nervous at first to swim with the sharks, but they were SO friendly! Our guides told us that the sharks are very used to people and when they hear the engine of the boats, they know its their friends coming to feed them fish! I was so surprised at how friendly they were. After swimming with the sharks and sting rays we got to snorkel. We saw a live eel, chased a sea turtle, held a live starfish, and bumped into a MASSIVE barracuda! Definitely one of my favorite snorkeling adventures I've ever done!


Last stop was Cozumel! We were exhausted from the trip and wanted to just veg by a beach so we asked our driver to take us to Playa Palancar! Right when we arrived, we saw huge peacocks walking around the island. Someone greeted us immediately and everyone was so friendly. We sat by the beach all day and had guacamole and the BEST margarita I've ever had! Perfect way to end the trip.

We had the BEST trip with Princess Cruises and it was truly a memory to last a lifetime!

x Bre