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Hi guys! Got tons of requests to share our baby registry so I added everything to so it is in all one place for y'all! Babylist is great because you can add all of your existing registries into one place so that it's easy for your loved ones to locate. Also, you can add a Babylist button to your favorites on your desktop so that when you are registering you can easily click "Add to Babylist" when you've found an item you want to register for.



I decided I wanted to register with Buy Buy Baby and Amazon for a couple of reasons. One reason being we have an amazing Buy Buy Baby local to us and if my friends and family are anything like me, they wait until the last couple of days before a shower to get a gift. I wanted to be sure that I went in the store to scan and register so that I know all the product are there and in stock. Anything that wasn't in Buy Buy Baby that I felt that I needed I put on my Amazon registry! Amazon is great because.. 2 day shipping! I definitely considered Target, but heard a lot of the items for baby were never in stock in store and only online.

I also made sure to ONLY register for things I absolutely NEED. Although all the baby girl outfits are great, this is my first baby and we have nothing, ha! So, I tried to limit my registry to only items that I see myself using daily and needing like crib sheets, bottle warmer, bottles, etc. I definitely recommend only adding necessary things to you registry especially if you are a first time mom. You don't want to have so many teethers and hair bows and none of the essentials because trust me.. if it's on your registry, people will buy it! :)

If you are an expecting mama, I am so excited for you! Feel free to shoot me a DM or email if you have any questions on why we chose what we chose, etc!

Side note: I have a highlight on my IG of which bassinet we went with and why. Also, our crib/changing table and dresser for the nursery are located on my!

x Bre