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What's In My Hospital Bag

It's about that time! I hit 37 weeks yesterday and decided to go ahead and pack my hospital bag so that we are fully prepared for baby once she decides to come :) Since this is my first time having a baby, I am fully aware I am probably overpacking (when do I not?), but I'd rather be safe than sorry and want to make sure I have anything and everything we need! I am including my list of absolutely everything below, and will link some of my must have items that I have purchased over the past few weeks and what you guys recommended to me as well!



- Dark colored pj dress

- Long robe

- Another comfy pj set

- Slippers

- Socks

- Nursing tank

- Nursing top

- Pair of comfy lounge joggers

- Barefoot Dreams cardi

- Comfy dark undies

- Nursing bra

- Going home outfit


- Makeup

- Travel makeup mirror

- Blow Dryer

- Curling Iron

- Dry Shampoo

- Tula regimen

- Washcloth

- Shower Shoes

- Hair ties

- Toothbrush / Toothpaste

- Brush

- Lip Balm

- Deodorant

- Nipple Cream

- Nipple Covers

- Lavender Shower Bombs

- Always Discreet Underwear

- Tucks Cooling Pads

- Frida Baby Postpartum Kit


- Night light

- 10 ft. phone charger

- Camera / Camera Charger

- Speaker

- Hard Candy

- Driver's License / Insurance info

- Own pillow and blanket

- Water Bottle


- Diaper Bag

- Onsies of different sizes (2-3)

- Sleepers of different sizes (2-3)

- Swaddling Blankets (2)

- Hats

- Baby Mittens

- Burp Cloths

- NB diapers

- Baby wipes

- Hello my name is signs

- Car Seat (install base ahead of time)

- Car Seat Cover

- Pacifier

- Going home outfit


And Dad can always pack for himself, but here's a few things to keep in mind/remind him to bring!

- T-shirts (2-3)

- Sweatshirt

- Sweatpants

- Socks

- His own charger

- Own pillow and blanket

- Change for vending machines

- Snacks

- Toiletries