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Hospital Bag: What I Actually Used

Hi guys!! First blog post since baby girl and I have to say, we are in HEAVEN. Everything is going really well and I wanted to update you all and give you a list of all the things we actually used at the hospital from what we packed. If you are interested in seeing my full packing list, check out this blog post here!

Since I was induced, the process at the hospital was a long one. We checked in around 10 pm on May 7 and ended up being discharged from the hospital around noon on May 10. Here are all the things we used and couldn't live without at the hospital:

Clothing I Used

Frida Baby delivery gown - I was gifted the Frida Baby Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Recovery Kit from my registry and it had the comfiest delivery gown in it that I LOVED. It was so much more comfortable than the hospital gown and I had washed it in the washer before, so I loved that it smelled like our detergent and made me feel more at home. It was the first thing I put on when I checked into our room!

Black Nursing Friendly PJ Dress - I honestly stayed in this my entire stay at the hospital until it was time to go home. Since my recovery was so difficult, it was super nice having a dress and it made me feel more put together.

Long Robe - I didn't get up from the bed much, so I didn't use this quite often, but I wanted to include it because I know many of you mamas are looking for a nice robe to bring to the hospital. This one is light and comfortable, hits the floor, and is so beautiful. I've been living in it at home!

Dark colored maxi - I will link the two that I came to the hospital in and left the hospital in. They were so comfortable and I felt beautiful leaving the hospital!

Grippy Socks - I got a pair of the Frida Baby socks in my recovery kit that I wore the entire time. The bottoms of them having rubber gripping on the bottom so that you don't slip. I honestly didn't wear my slippers more than a couple of times.

Clothing I Didn't Use

Extra PJ Set / Lounge Wear - I didn't use any of my extra PJ/Lounge sets. I stayed in my PJ dress my entire stay.

Nursing Tank / Nursing Top / Nursing Bra - I was braless the entire time because I was basically trying to breastfeed every few hours and doing skin to skin. And, braless is always more comfy.

Dark undies - Didn't use any of my own undies whatsoever. I used my Frida Baby recovery underwear the entire time. They were boyshort style, thicker, and held all the padding you will be using much better than normal underwear. The hospital mesh panties were way too thin and barely stayed on me.

Toiletries I Used

Frida Baby Postpartum Kit - all I can say is.. HEAVEN SENT. Is it worth it? Absolutely 100% yes. The peri bottle included in the kit is much better than what they give you at the hospital because it has a bent end and is easier to use. The underwear was amazing and disposable and the kit comes with multiple pairs. The perineal cooling pad liners and ice packs were ESSENTIAL for my recovery. And the healing foam was just so soothing.. I used it for almost 2 weeks afterwards as well. Highly highly recommend. The quality compared to what they give you at the hospital is unmatched. Thank me later.

Tucks Cooling Pads - If you aren't wanting to get the Frida Baby Recovery Kit, I highly highly suggest you get a tub of the Tuck's Cooling Pads. Provides instant coolness and relief ~down there~ and you can just pack your undies with them.

Travel Makeup Mirror - I used this before we were discharged so that I could feel put together leaving the hospital. We kept our room dark the entire time, so the light was amazing. We weren't allowed to have visitors because of Covid, so I didn't have makeup on the entire time besides when we were leaving. But, if you are delivering after all of this and plan on having visitors and want a good travel mirror, this one from Amazon is great.

Lavender Shower Bombs - Call me boujee, but it's the little things. No one tells you this, but they wouldn't let me shower until I could go pee on my own (which surprisingly was a struggle) and I couldn't WAIT to get in the shower. I added one of these lavender shower bombs to my first shower and it just made me feel like I was in a spa even though I was in a hospital shower ha. You just lay one on the ground and let the water hit and it fills the air with lavender essential oils. Amazing.

I basically used all of my other normal everyday toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower shoes, etc.)

Tech/Misc We Used

Portable Charger - I used this thing the ENTIRE TIME. I love it because you don't have to have a cord already, it comes with one attached and to charge it you just plug it directly into the wall. It charges your phone super fast and stays charged for a long time. I never had to recharge it during my stay. I'd get 2 and give one to your man.

Camera - We vlogged our entire experience and you can checkout our Youtube video here! I loved being able to capture the entire experience because it's so easy to forget so many moments and I can't wait for Andi to look back on it one day.

Portable Speaker - We had music playing a ton. I wanted worship music playing while I was pushing and it really helped me feel calm and at peace. We also played some Justin Bieber when we got to the hospital to lighten the mood a little and make me feel less nervous, ha! I can't link the one we have, but will link similar.

Laptop - Josh played games on it while we waited, but you could also watch movies if your hospital doesn't already have good ones playing (ours did!)

Own Blanket and pillow - I brought my own Barefoot Dreams blanket and used it the entire time! Josh used my pillow I brought!

Tech / Misc We Didn't Use

Night Light from Amazon - honestly thought I'd use this more, but we didn't at all.

Hard Candy - My nurses kept bringing me popsicles and slushes, so I never needed them.

Water Bottle - Never used. You also can't drink water if you're being induced. Only chew on ice chips. My nurses kept me stocked with whatever I needed. Afterwards, if I wanted water, Josh just went down and got me bottled water.

Baby Things We Used

Diaper Bag - obvi

Newborn footies - We kept her in these the entire time. I love that they cover her little feet and hands so she doesn't scratch her face. Bring multiple. I wish we had brought more because we almost ran out. You are feeding a lot and changing her a lot, so definitely need extras. Newborn size was perfect. They say newborn sizes fit up to 10 lb babies.

Swaddles - out of the womb, babies want to be swaddled. And loved being swaddled so we kept her swaddled almost the whole time.

Hats - the hospital is cold so we always kept a hat on her to keep her warm.

Hello My Name Is Sign - can't forget this for their first pic! I linked the one we used and another cute option I bought. Both super affordable and arrived within days.

Barefoot Dreams Baby Blanket - She is obsessed with this. We've had her in it since day 1 and still have to wash it everyday because it's her favorite.

Baby Things We Didn't Use

Any clothing 0-3 months - she was 7 lb 11 oz and 20 in and the 0-3 would have been way too big for her. I wouldn't even worry about bringing 0-3 month, because newborns are so so tiny.

Mittens - We used the sleepers the entire time with built in mittens.

Diapers/Wipes - the hospital stocks you up on those.

Car Seat Cover - didn't use.

Burp Cloths - didn't use. hospital provides.

Hope this helps! Good luck to any of you expecting mamas, you are going to KILL it and I am so excited for you to hold that sweet baby in your arms!

x Bre